Chairmen Message

The gestation period of the school was too long. In fact it was conceived during my schooling days. I have to reside in Muzaffarnagar to take admission in an English medium school. I was at great pain on seeing the plight of the students wishing to study in English medium schools.

However I was in dilemma for sometime whether to establish a Hospital or a School , one day I met to my friend Shri Arun Kumar and discussed my ambiguity. After a long discussion we decided to open a School. Our enthusiasm was so much that we did not think about infrastructure and started the school in six rooms which were the part of a Farm House in March 1999.


We faced many obstacles and difficulties in running the school, we surmounted every obstacles and faced the problems courageously. The present status, i.e. the Senior Secondary School with +2 affiliations with CBSE New Delhi is testimony of it. I never compromised with the facilities and feel satisfaction in stating that the school has best requisite facilities. As teaching faculty plays significant role in shaping not only the personality of the students but also plays important role in making reputation of the school. We arranged the best teaching faculty, in fact school is spending hefty sum in carrying the members of teaching staff to and fro Muzaffarnagar city.

I am very glad to annouce that the Smart Classes are going to be started in the school very soon.. I would like to assure that I will continue my endeavaour in retaining the position of the school among the best schools and will do everything possible, so that it do not lag behind any school in the country.I always recite these lines written by Robert Frost

Woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, miles to go before I sleep.......


                                                                                                                                        Thanks & Regards

                                                                                                                                             Mr.Rohit Singh